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Highway Of Dreams

by Alan Boyle

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There are places out here, fertile but desolate and cold in the sun and they make you put your foot down on the gas a little bit more till their fingers leave your neck and slide back into the corn rows and the canefields where they came from.
Who knows the stories out here that never get told .. maybe this is one that did.


Day broke the smoky horizon
They cut me free from the wreckage where I was born
Took me away, gave me a name
Sent me to live with some people I’d never know
When I was sixteen I fell for a dream
And followed the heart of a girl in a travelling show
She took me in, taught me some things
That most grown men would pay good money to know

But sometimes in the night I see
A man with kind eyes and worried hands on the steering wheel
Blood on the backseat ,
Of a ’59 Fairlane, my mother’s pearl earring
And her voice whispered soft in my ear
“I’ll always be near" on this highway of dreams

Small towns made me feel lonely
So I lost myself in the city for a time
Found me a bar where I played guitar
For an old black lady whose blues were the colour of her soul
Then I rode the rails from east coast to west
Never stopping to rest in case my shadow should fall
Guess I’m afraid of the way I was made
A prisoner, an orphan, a lonely son of the road

Well I had some times I could tell you
But mostly I find that life passes by like a dream
You can run from yourself and everything else
But sooner or later you come to the end of the road
So I found a wife, three kids and a life
And some folks I know who oh, I’m proud to call friends
But one day will come that smoke-covered sun
And I’ll know her arms and finally my journeys end

And on that night I’ll see
A man with kind eyes and hands like mine on the steering wheel
On the backseat,
Of a ’59 Fairlane, my mother’s pearl earring
And her voice so soft in my ear
Forever here…. on this highway of dreams


released July 30, 2011
Guitar and Vocals: Alan Boyle
Vocals: Mardi Lumsden
Vocals and Banjo: Andrew Pennay
Bass: Chris McKelliget
Guitars: Andrew Kennedy
Drums: Matt Chudasko

Produced and mixed by Magoo at Applewood Studios, QLD, Australia
Song by Alan Boyle
Artwork by Averil Hogan (



all rights reserved


Alan Boyle Brisbane, Australia

Born under the weeping Irish stars, Alan Boyle wandered the earth for years before falling asleep at the gates of Australia where a family of possums took him in and dressed the wounds on his fingertips.
Winner of the 2009 Billy Thorpe Scholarship Award, a 2010 International Songwriting Competition finalist and twice nominated for a Queensland Music Award, he is now recording his debut album.
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